This post is written by Pastor Amy, Compass Rose Academy’s campus camplain.

 “While we were still sinning, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

I had just come into the house from the gym. Sweaty, I sighed as I surveyed the laundry that needed folding, the toys askew on the floor and the morning’s dishes. Suddenly, there was a knock on the door.  It was my father. He had stopped over to say hello.

I was ashamed at the sad state of affairs. I threw my arms up in surrender.

“Dad,” I sputtered as he went to hug me, “I am sweaty and gross and the place is a disaster.” 

“That’s okay, Amy,” he said, hugging me anyway, “You are still mine.”

You are still mine. 

You are still mine.

You are still mine.

These are the words I hear my Heavenly Father say as I come to Him with all my sin and shame. These are the words that ring in my ear when I try and fail, again and again. These are the words that beckon me when I pour my heart out in vulnerability and get a blank stare.

You are still mine. 

When we know whose we are, we can come to the throne of Grace with courage and boldness. When we know whose we are, we know that the road to recovery is not hopeless. When we know whose we are, the opinions or criticisms of others pale in comparison to the fact that the God of the Universe is on our side.

Romans chapter five says that while we were still blowing it out in the world, Jesus came and died for us.  Why? Wouldn’t it make more sense for Christ to die for cleaned up, drama-free people? No.

Christ died while we were still sinning so that we would know that our adoption into the family of God has absolutely nothing to do with our goodness or righteousness. It was Christ, the Hound of Heaven, who sought us out and died in our place so that we can be part of the family of God and have what He calls the “abundant life.” It was Christ who first loved, Christ who pursued, Christ who died. We had as much a part in saving ourselves as a dead man has in his own resuscitation. 

Today and every day, Jesus speaks one word over you:


May you live into that joy and freedom. Amen.

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