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While at Compass Rose Academy, you experienced healing and growth through being part of a supportive community that gathered around you with grace and truth. The Alumni Association provides a way for you to continue to experience the healing power of connection through an ongoing community of support. Stay Connected, Unique, Loved, and Empowered through ongoing connection with others on a shared journey of growth and healing.

  • May 25

    Reimagining School Discipline

    You hear it all the time in schools: detention, suspension, “silent” lunch, lost recess, and the list goes on. We are conditioned to think that this is the only way to handle school discipline, but is it the right way?  According to the National Center for Safe and Supportive Learning…

  • May 19

    Breaking the Stigma on Borderline Personality Disorder

    Many of the students at Compass Rose exhibit Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) traits. The DSM-5 describes borderline personality disorder (BPD) as “a pervasive pattern of instability of interpersonal relationships, self-image, and affects, and marked impulsivity, beginning in early adulthood and present in a variety of contexts” (American Psychiatric Association, 2013).…

  • May 11

    How to Observe Mental Health Awareness Month

    As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has worked as a therapist with Josiah White’s and Compass Rose since 2018, I was asked as a professional in the field to write a post about Mental Health Awareness month and its importance. To be honest, though, I’ve never really thought much…

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The Alumni Association events and communications are open to all former students and parents who desire to stay connected. We are looking for Alumni Parents who would like to participate in the Alumni Association Committee to help with communication, event planning, and other activities. Email [email protected] and let us know you’re interested in learning more about the committee!

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It was a good experience to share our experience since graduation and to hear that our challenges are not unique. We found it encouraging to talk with other parents who understood this parenting road, and as always, traveled home refreshed to keep moving forward in our journey.

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Upcoming Alumni Events

June 29


We are looking forward to hosting parents for summer parent weekend starting on Thursday, June 29th and wrapping up Sunday, July 2nd. The focus of this parent weekend will be REALITY – I am loved.

September 21


We welcome our CRA families to campus for our Fall Parent Weekend, September 21-24, 2023! Special guests include alumni parents who share how Compass Rose has helped their daughters and themselves grow as individuals and as a family.

September 21

Alumni Family Reunion

We would love to have you join us for a weekend of reconnecting with other CRA Alumni. The weekend will begin with dinner on Friday and conclude Saturday evening. This annual event was created out of CRA alumni’s desire to receive ongoing support and stay connected with the community they…

December 14

Winter Parent Weekend

We are excited to host parents around the holiday season for a winter parent weekend focused on Bonding. This will begin Thursday, December 14th and conclude Sunday. December 17th.

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We want to hear from you! Where has your path taken you since graduating from CRA? How did your time at CRA help launch you into living a life of purpose?

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