Parents are an active and vital part throughout the entire treatment process and have ongoing support and regular contact, therapy, and visitation. Therapists assist students and parents in creating home visit contracts and behavior plans to set plans and expectations for off-campus and home visitation. Parents then fill out “Visit Evaluation Forms” to assess areas of progress and need. Parents also fill out Youth Outcome Questionnaire Assessments after visits to provide other data about student progress over time. The treatment team is then able to evaluate and address how successfully the student is transferring treatment gains, integrating new skills into the home and family environment. As home passes continue, the treatment team monitors and adjusts treatment and plans accordingly.

  • Phone Calls

    Students are able to call home and talk to parents throughout their stay here. They typically have two phone calls per week but can have even more as they progress through their phases and prepare to return home.

  • On-campus Visits

    Families can make special arrangements to visit the campus depending on their traveling abilities and schedules. We have monthly Parent Groups, which are an excellent time to arrange a visit with your daughter as well.

  • Off-campus Visits

    As early as Phase 2 of the program, parents are able to take their daughter off-campus as long as behavioral expectations are met and an Off Campus Visit Contract is signed.

  • Parent Weekend

    Family Weekend takes place quarterly. The weekend is programmed with relationship-building activities, support group for parents, parent education, and family therapy. Parent weekends are a highlight of the program for both parents and students as they involve tremendous growth, relationship-building, and lots of fun!

  • Weekly Family Engagement Group

    Clinical Director Stacey Ruberg, MA, LMHC leads a weekly family engagement group via video conference. The group walks through materials aimed to equip parents in order to prepare for the transition home from the very beginning. In addition to being an open forum for asking questions and gaining support, the group is focused on equipping parents with hands-on skills and materials.

  • Home Passes

    We believe that home passes are an important part of the healing and reunification process. They allow teens to gradually transition back home and make necessary changes to habits and relationships within their living environment. Students can usually visit home for an extended period during school breaks like Christmas, Spring Break, and Summer Break. When approaching the completion of the program, students are typically able to visit home more frequently. Behavior plans must be in place as well as a signed Home Visit Contract.

  • Family Therapy

    In family therapy, the therapist works with the parents and student to explore how improvements in family relationships and communication can help improve the student’s emotional and behavioral health. Family therapy takes place via telephone or video-conference for out-of-state families. Family therapy typically takes place weekly. 


  • Monthly Parent Support Group

    We often find that parents enter the treatment process feeling isolated, overwhelmed, guilty, and fatigued. Our monthly Parent Support Group is an opportunity for parents to gain the support they need not only from Compass Rose therapists and staff but also from the community of other parents who are with them on the journey of healing and growth. As parents gain information and relational support, they are energized to invest in new ways of being and relating with each other and with their daughter.