October 20

CRA Students Cultivate Healthy Relationships with Food

As part of life on the new campus, Compass Rose decided to revamp what the students were eating each day to better support their journey towards healing and growth. Since we know the important impact that nutrition has on our overall health, including our mental health, we put together a food committee made up of …More >

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October 07

Project Based Learning-The Student Perspective

Recently, The Academy at Compass Rose has transitioned to the Project Based Learning model of instruction. Project Based Learning (PBL) is different from the traditional projects you may think of when reflecting back on your own school experience. According to the Buck Institute for Education, Project Based Learning is made up of seven key components:  …More >

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September 15

The Biblical Basis for Competence

As people, one of our crucial longings is the desire to have meaning and purpose in our lives. Next to our longing for connection and relationship, this longing drives so much of what it means to be a human. We want to know that there is some greater purpose to the world, and importantly, our …More >

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