January 13

CRA Hosting First Virtual Parent Weekend

Whether you are a staff, student, or parent, one of the best times at Compass Rose is Parent Weekend. Our quarterly parent weekends are designed to be intensive but fast-paced, challenging but fun, and vulnerable but rewarding. We’ll miss seeing our families in person, but we are thankful for technology that allows us to still …More >

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December 09

Reframing Expectations During a COVID-19 Christmas

One of the things I’ve been thinking about is how powerful the idea of “reframing” can be. We may be overwhelmed with the idea of loss, thinking of all the things that won’t be the same over this holiday and the parties that will be canceled and the things we won’t get to do. With …More >

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November 11

How to Cultivate a Grateful Home During Difficult Times

The national conversation is so full of criticism and negativity that it can be difficult to find opportunities to express gratitude. It’s easy to forget what we have when we’re aggravated by outside forces. Busyness distracts us, and struggles let us down. Worry reminds us we’re not in control, and pain can cause faith to …More >

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