July 30

Compass Rose Academy Launches Teaching-Family Model

Compass Rose Academy has officially launched the Teaching-Family Model (TFM), an evidence-based model of care for treating children and teens in residential programs and other out-of- home therapeutic services.  The TFM brings an established, internationally-recognized model for skills training and staff consultation in the residential treatment environment. TFM trains staff to teach youth social skills …More >

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July 16

What To Do When You Don’t Measure Up To Your Ideal Self

Every time I teach on the Reality element of our Growth Model at Compass Rose, I’m reminded of how important and applicable it is. Whether you’re a teen girl in treatment, a parent, or anyone else, you are no doubt daily confronted with the opportunity to grieve losses, rebound from failure, or hold both the “good” and …More >

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June 30

Parenting to Build in REALITY

I have 4 children at home, and each of them is so very different. Parenting, even disciplining, looks different for my generally accommodating oldest son than it does my charming youngest. In between those two, I have two very differently tempered girls – one who has instant access to anger at any given time, the …More >

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