June 16

Teens Finding Their Voice: Self-Advocating or Manipulating?

Struggling teens often lose their voice. Teens that are traumatized are often too scared or anxious to use their voice. Teens battling depression or other mental illnesses lack energy to use their voice. And teens in difficult relationships frequently don’t believe their voice has value or worth.  All this leads to teens doubting themselves and …More >

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June 03

The Growth Model: The 3 Necessary Ingredients to Heal and Grow

At Compass Rose Academy, we are known for our work using The Growth Model. While this is a research supported and neuroscience proven approach, we also find that this path to healing and growth is consistent with what we find in Scripture. There are a few fundamental ingredients to growth that are woven throughout biblical …More >

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May 25

CRA New Campus Development Continues

Compass Rose Academy is thanking God for providing us with the resources to build and expand upon the new CRA campus — a place to heal and a place to grow.  So far, over $4.1 million dollars have been raised, surpassing the $4 million dollars of self-investment by White’s Residential and Family Services, with each …More >

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