April 20

CRA Staff Move Into New Campus Apartments

On Monday, April 5, 2021, seven Compass Rose Academy staff members began moving into their apartments on the new campus. This step is part of the first phase of the move to the new Compass Rose Academy campus. The new apartment building can house up to 10 staff members and is located near the future …More >

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April 15

CRA Students Connect Literature to Life

At Compass Rose Academy, students in Creative Writing are approaching Shakespeare from a somewhat unique angle. In addition to discussing the usual literary aspects of plot, characterization, etc., we are also focusing on what lessons we can draw from a writer’s standpoint. As all writers more or less steal from other writers (Shakespeare himself stole …More >

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March 30

Students Reflect on Growth Through Bonding

What CRA character capacity is the ability to relate to God and others, to connect to something outside of ourselves, and to never be left without a way to get our needs met? Bonding Boundaries Reality Competence   If you said bonding, you are correct!  Our students have recently completed CRA’s quarterly growth model emphasis on …More >

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