March 29

In Pursuit of Our Heart

In our chapel services, we have been diving into the book of Jonah and have taken time in our Bible Studies to go more in depth to explore the implications of Jonah in our lives today. We often lose sight of Jonah in the mix of a big fish. We have lumped the story in …More >

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March 16

Mismatching Experiences

In our work with teens and families, we often talk about creating mismatching experiences, or corrective emotional experiences. In the type of therapeutic work that we do, these are powerful, even transformative processes aimed at freeing people from their emotional responses tied to early memories and attachment experiences. But what do we actually mean when …More >

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February 21

Treatment and Education: How Do They Work Together?

The decision to place your child in residential treatment can be a daunting one. There are so many different factors to consider when your end goal is ultimately hope and healing for your family. Sometimes, academics can fall to the wayside as life’s challenges arise. Navigating the waters of education while in treatment is important, …More >

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February 09

Compass Rose Academy Achieves CARF Accreditation

Compass Rose Academy is honored to have recently been accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF). Meeting the standards to achieve this accreditation is one way CRA is ensuring that the students in our program are receiving the highest quality of care available. This accreditation requires our staff to participate in frequent …More >

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January 25

The Fundamentals of Teaching Family Model

At Compass Rose Academy, our direct care staff use the Teaching Family Model (TFM), a relational, evidenced-based, trauma-informed model of care focused on increasing life skill development in children and teens. When using TFM, our direct care staff engage in daily teaching interactions to help teens learn social and relationship skills. Residential staff, now called …More >

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January 11

What will you do about your relationships this year?

As you reflect on 2022 and look forward to the rest of 2023, are you content with what you see in your personal, professional, and even familial relationships? I observe that many people go from day to day, month to month, and year to year with the awareness that many, most, or even all of …More >

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December 16

Out of Darkness Comes Light

The Friday after Thanksgiving this year was similar to those in the past – our family dug out the Christmas storage boxes, put up the fresh tree, and turned on the jolly tunes as we decorated. However, something was different this time around. After putting the lights on the tree, I was in charge of …More >

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December 13

The Gift of Immanuel God With Us

Ahhhhh, Christmas. The time of year when we rejoice at snow, get special feelings when we hear jingle bells, and give ourselves allowances to eat far too many cookies. It truly is a unique time of year, filled with events, gifts, to-do lists, baked goods, and travel plans. In the middle of all the hustle …More >

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November 21

Learning in a Trauma-Informed Setting

The Academy at Compass Rose is dedicated to providing a safe space for students to learn and grow academically. With this in mind, The Academy provides an environment that is trauma-informed and meets the needs of a diverse student population. Recently, The Academy gained a new staff member, Onyx. Onyx is a therapy dog that …More >

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November 09

It’s NO-vember!

Every year, I go into the holiday season with great excitement and anticipation of all of the memorable activities that lie ahead. In my head, I imagine time at home with family playing games, watching movies, and enjoying great food and fun. In reality, every year there is also some level of disappointment that the …More >

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October 27

Compass Rose Academy Achieves Teaching Family Association Accreditation

Compass Rose Academy is thrilled to announce that we recently became an accredited Teaching Family Association agency.  Teaching Family Association is the accrediting agency of Teaching Family Model (TFM), a relational, evidenced-based, trauma-informed model of care focused on increasing life skill development in children and teens. Adopting this model ensures that we are able to …More >

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October 12

How to Support Your Teen’s Mental Health Challenges

The mental health crisis facing today’s youth is staggering, and has only been exaggerated by events such as the global pandemic. Loneliness and isolation exacerbate despair and depression. A lack of safety and security invite anxiety. It doesn’t take much imagination to highlight how practices, such as social distancing and stringent hygiene that were highly …More >

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September 28

Day in the Life of a Family Teacher

Kara Russell and Bailey Lauer are both Family Teachers at Compass Rose Academy (CRA). Keep reading this Q&A to learn more about what their job is like! What does a typical day look like as a Family Teacher at CRA? What is your schedule?  K: A typical day at CRA begins with waking up the …More >

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September 14

Seen, Known, and Loved

Recently in chapel services here at Compass Rose, we have been looking at the outcast people of the Bible and God’s interactions with them. Again and again, we come to see that God is intentional with the people society has counted less than, and He continually invites them into relationship. He is saying “I see …More >

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August 30

Compass Rose Academy Cuts Ribbon on MKS Pavilion

Compass Rose Academy (CRA) held a ribbon cutting ceremony on Friday, August 26th at 10:00am to celebrate the completion of their new MKS Pavilion. The pavilion was generously donated by Michael Kinder & Sons (MKS), who has partnered with CRA to build their new campus, which opened in 2021. Speakers included Ron Evans, President and …More >

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August 10

Bringing the Stage to CRA

Compass Rose Academy is going to be immersed in a little drama this year.  By that, of course, we mean that CRA students now have the option to participate in our new Theater Arts elective offering, which was created after students expressed interest in the topic. “We noticed last year in our English Language Arts …More >

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July 27

Understanding the Connection Between Addiction and Attachment

During a recent webinar, Dr. Jerry Davis shared with constituents of Compass Rose Academy research on addiction through the lens of trauma and attachment. He began by sharing a research experiment done by Dr. Bruce Alexander (1977) from Simon Frazier University. In this study, the researchers developed 2 spaces for rats. The first, which they …More >

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July 12

The Biblical Basis for Reality

Our Growth Model at Compass Rose Academy focuses on building on inner resources, as opposed to aiming at symptom reduction, to improve functioning. This approach to therapeutic growth has been shown to demonstrate longer-lasting effects than brief cognitive therapy, where there can often be short-term gains followed by diminished returns. The inner resources that the …More >

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June 30

Save the Date: Alumni Reunion 2022

Save the date for our upcoming 2022 Alumni Reunion on September 23 and 24! The weekend will begin with dinner on Friday and conclude Saturday evening.  This annual event was created out of CRA alumni’s desire to receive ongoing support and stay connected with the community they built with other parents and students during their …More >

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June 10

The Academy at Compass Rose Achieves ACSI Accreditation

Here at Compass Rose Academy, we are regularly seeking new ways to meet the needs of our students. This is why we built our new, intentionally designed campus, and why we implemented Project Based Learning in The Academy. Both these initiatives were part of what led to our recent accreditation through the Association of Christian …More >

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