December 06

Building Inner Resources

If your approach to health and wholeness is only targeting symptoms with a top-down approach, you may only be addressing half the issue, at best. Addressing symptoms is often necessary and can alleviate some suffering, but learning to cope is not as good as it gets! That would be like treating the symptoms of heart …More >

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November 25

John Townsend Called Me a Flaming Codependent

Granted, there was some lightheartedness to it, but when the author of a book called Boundaries, calls you a flaming codependent, it gets your attention. During the years that I was in his counselor training program, I was really pressing into a certain area of growth, especially as it relates to leadership – worrying less …More >

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November 19

On Being a 3

A few years ago a team member began talking incessantly about the Enneagram and spouting off all sorts of information about numbers and types and wings and whatnot. She got us all intrigued and pretty soon, most of us had read the book The Road Back to You by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile. …More >

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