Originally a Communications-Mass Media major, Charles came to education after an 8-year stint as a Russian Linguist in the United States Army. After retiring from public school teaching in Texas three years ago, he and his beautiful wife Debora lived and worked in Colorado for two years before moving to Indiana last year (to this area, where Deb is a native). In addition to their hug-giving cat, Conrad, they have four children and are expecting their third grandchild in the Fall. Among his many interests, Charles cites writing (he has written and published several plays), computer and board games, and, of course, teaching.
“What I love about teaching,” he says, “is the ability to make a positive contribution to our world, and to other people’s lives. This happens most often when we do things in service to each other, and to a greater cause, as we do when we gather in worship and praise. Coming together, learning about each other, and life, and of our place in this world is what our education is really all about. We learn to make sense of who we are, and to give thanks for all of it. I am thankful to be a part of this team, and to be able to contribute to this sacred mission.”



Caitlin Cornett has grown up in Wabash, Indiana. She has been married for 3 years. She is currently attending Western Governor’s University for Special Education. Caitlin’s connection to Compass Rose Academy is through her family working in the residential and foster care program. Caitlin’s passion for working at Compass Rose is due to family history with adoption and fostering. Her favorite part of her job is seeing students transform from their past traumas and being able to witness them learn healthy coping skills from them. She has two dogs, a cat, and loves spending time with family.