An important aspect of our academic program is to help students to be prepared for life outside of Compass Rose. We provide a variety of opportunities for students to build competence and gain confidence in their God-given talents. Currently, our Adult Roles and Responsibilities class is working on studying different types of parenting styles and identifying which type they identify with the most.

Parenting styles can affect everything from how much a child weighs to how she feels about herself. It’s important to ensure parenting styles are supporting healthy growth and development because the way a parent interacts with their child and how the parent  disciplines her will influence her for the rest of her life. Researchers have identified four types of parenting styles:

  • Authoritarian – Focus on obedience, punishment over discipline
  • Authoritative – Create positive relationship, enforce rules
  • Permissive – Don’t enforce rules, “kids will be kids” mindset
  • Uninvolved – Provides little to no guidance, nurturing, or attention

Each style takes a different approach to raising children and can be identified by a number of different characteristics. Do you know which style you align with?