An important aspect of Compass Rose Academy’s academic program is to help students to be prepared for life outside of Compass Rose. CRA is now offering a new elective course to the students this semester entitled “Adult Roles & Responsibilities.” As part of the curriculum for this class, the students are working on identifying what skill sets students can offer to future employers, resume writing, and conducting mock interviews with their peers.

This week Academic Director Katherine Kelly and her academic staff conducted job interviews with each student to better prepare them for their future after CRA.

Katherine mentioned, “We provide a variety of opportunities for students to build competence and gain confidence in their God-given talents. This unit culminated with a formal “mock interview” day in which students were required to dress up for a formal interview, and staff members interviewed students and extended several “job offers.” Students were able to practice how to appropriately greet a potential employer, verbally articulate their strengths and ultimately gain the confidence that they will need to be successful.”