Students are able to participate in a variety of activities during their stay here. All activities at Compass Rose Academy not only serve a purpose but also include a therapeutic component. Equine-Assisted Therapy is a weekly group activity that focuses on emotional regulation, anger management, problem-solving, relationship and trust-building, boundaries and responsibilities.Equine TherapyOther activities include hands-on teaching opportunities, service projects, physical exercise and other recreational interests. From completing a ropes course to campus beautification projects, these activities help students gain a better understanding of self-control, leadership and healthy relationships. They also help supplement our curriculum by reiterating the core values we work to instill in our students daily.

At Compass Rose Academy, we also work to help students revive or tap into their passions, talents and interests. Allowing teens the opportunity to engage in activities of interest can positively impact their mental health and social skills. Research has shown that physical activity helps teens cope with depression and relearn positive behaviors. Receiving praise for their accomplishments also helps reinforce a healthy image. All of these activities are designed to help build competence and assist with the overall mission to redirect, rebuild and restore young women.