Reverend Amy Cornell, Compass Rose Academy’s campus pastor, recently wrote a devotional declaring that the story isn’t over yet. She was speaking to those parents who lie awake at night, at their wit’s end, praying their child will soon find the light of God. Rev. Cornell asks those parents who come to her in desperation, pleading for her help, not to give up yet.

Bible Study

“I often think about some of the finest Biblical examples whose parents must have felt bewildered when they were teenagers. Mary got pregnant out of wedlock. Jacob stole everything from his brother. Joseph was arrogant and was not willing to work like his brothers. Even Jesus ran away from his parents,” explained Rev. Cornell.

We often forget that before God used these disciples for mighty work, they too had challenges and obstacles to overcome. You might not see the light now, but take comfort in knowing that His work is not done yet.

Compass Rose Academy is a seed planting ministry, meaning we understand that sometimes it takes patience in order to see growth. Rev. Cornell explained that while those seeds of hope you are planting might seem dormant, they are still there, taking root. And one day, when the time is right, God will perform his work and influence the lives of your children. Rev. Cornell asks that you keep praying and believing because the story isn’t over yet.