Compass Rose Academy has officially launched the Teaching-Family Model (TFM), an evidence-based model of care for treating children and teens in residential programs and other out-of- home therapeutic services. 

The TFM brings an established, internationally-recognized model for skills training and staff consultation in the residential treatment environment. TFM trains staff to teach youth social skills and uses a motivation system that is positive, strength based while still holding youth accountable for their choices. 

As an organization committed to enriching the lives of children and families, Compass Rose Academy has adopted the TFM model with the hopes of improving treatment outcomes for the teen girls in the care of their facility. 

“Launching this initiative is directly tied to improving the way we execute our mission and solidify our philosophy of care for years to come,” said Ron Evans, President & CEO at Compass Rose Academy. “The TFM is an investment that will propel our programs and services forward while effectively providing resources for teens and their families.” 

The TFM program uses consistent, positive teaching moments to eliminate negative behaviors and equip students with the skills needed to succeed in life. The approach allows students to accept responsibility for their actions and learn behavioral skills through positive reinforcement for desirable behaviors. 

“The Teaching-Family Model is backed up by decades of research as being a strength-based and trauma-informed behavior management model,” said Mike Haarer, Vice President & Executive Director for Compass Rose Academy. “We are very excited about seeing the ever-lasting success and effects that this model will have on the teens and families in our care.” 

The skills learned through the TFM will help youth interact more effectively with authority and improve relationships with adults. The skills will then translate to better parent-child interaction, improved school behavior following placement, and promote better work readiness. 

In the United States, the TFM is used by some of the most prominent residential treatment facilities. It is also used in various other countries worldwide. TFM was just approved as an accreditation that will be recognized by the FFPSA (Family First Prevention Services Act) to meet the requirement to be a QRTP (Qualified Residential Treatment Program). 

All Compass Rose Academy staff members will be trained in TFM beginning immediately, with full implementation by the end of the year.