White’s Residential and Family Services and Compass Rose Academy launched an $8 million capital campaign to expand the mission of serving teens and families in crisis through the building of a new state-of-the-art campus for Compass Rose Academy. The campus will include homes increasing residential capacity from 20 to 48.  There will be new staff housing to accommodate 10 staff members. A multi-purpose building will house a nurse’s clinic, administrative offices, and educational and therapy spaces to support each of the specialty programs within Compass Rose. 

Compass Rose Academy seeks to effectively meet the increasing need for access to therapeutic services for families in crisis by offering an expanded, uniquely Christian and Clinical environment for teen girls.  The Board of Directors for the parent organization for Compass Rose Academy, White’s Residential and Family Services, has approved the approximately $8 million project, committing $4 million in self-investment, and relying on philanthropy through the “A Place to Heal, A Place to Grow” campaign to raise the remaining funds to complete phase one of the expansion. 

Ron Evans, President and CEO of Compass Rose Academy, said, “ We cannot believe the incredible generosity we have experienced during this campaign during an unprecedented season in our nation’s history. This campaign was launched prior the pandemic, yet we have seen an overwhelming increase of support as we continue to pave the way for families to have access to the therapeutic services their families so desperately need. We are grateful for those who have and will partner with us as we take this bold next step.”

Evans continued, “Simply put, this new campus provides the facilities needed to serve more students and families.  We will continue to advance our mission and provide hope and transformation through Christ to children and families.”

In 2012, the need for specialized therapeutic services became apparent, leading to the creation of Compass Rose Academy, a program where parents could directly access these critical services. Mike Haarer, Vice President and Executive Director of Compass Rose Academy, said “Through the years, I’ve sat with countless parents at a desperate time in the life of their family, when they’re overwhelmed and almost out of hope. Over and over again they share that they chose Compass Rose because they didn’t want to have to choose between expert, intensive clinical care and a loving, Christian environment. I’m so thankful to have a team and program that provides both to struggling girls and their families.”

To learn more about the A Place to Heal, A Place to Grow capital campaign, contact the Advancement Department at 260. 563. 1158 or visit the website www.compassroseacademy.org