At Compass Rose Academy, we strongly believe parents are key in our work to redirect, rebuild and restore troubled teens. Without active parental participation, children cannot heal and the family dynamic cannot improve.

Although you and your child may be separated by physical distance during their stay on campus, Compass Rose strives to help families continue to feel connected across the miles. More importantly, we seek to foster parents’ ability to sustain the changes made in the program once the teen returns to the home environment.

In addition to sharing treatment plans and facilitating weekly phone contact with your student’s counselor, we nurture family connectivity by hosting a Family Weekend each quarter. Family Weekends are designed to provide interaction between parents and staff, facilitate skill development through training sessions led by our behavioral professionals, offer access to family counseling and host activities to encourage relationship building and bonding.

During Compass Rose Academy’s Family Enrichment Weekends, participants receive practical help and advice from experts in youth and family development. Commonly addressed topics include improving parent/teen communication, preventing and managing self-abuse, dealing with a defiant teen, recognizing early signs of alcohol and drug abuse and monitoring social media activities.

Although education is the cornerstone of these events, the camaraderie and network of support provided are equally important for parents, shared Mike Haarer, director of Compass Rose Academy.

“Our Family Enrichment Weekends really show parents they aren’t alone,” Haarer said. “It helps provide perspective on the problems they are experiencing, and by connecting them with other families facing similar struggles, the group becomes a safe space to share their feelings about parenting troubled teens, as well as personal stories other families can often relate to.”

For more information about Compass Rose Academy and our family engagement activities, please contact Admissions Director Denae Green at[email protected].