The decision to place our daughter in a residential treatment program was one of the hardest, most gut-wrenching parenting decisions we could have ever imagined.  From the onset of our journey at Compass Rose Academy, we devoured the book Not By Chance by Tim R. Thayne PhD. and began talking with Homeward Bound, an aftercare program that helps with transitions, about three months into our 14-month journey. We secured a transition coach six weeks prior to our daughter’s expected graduation date from Compass Rose. Once she came home, our coach spent three days with us working through hopes and dreams, stop/start/continue, and family goals. One of the first things we organized with our coach was our home team gathering, and we were challenged to invite those who we felt could come alongside us as we transitioned back home. We allowed ourselves to be vulnerable by inviting friends, neighbors, youth leaders, teachers, coaches, and even former counselors – not knowing how many would attend. On the night of our gathering our home was filled with 31 individuals who rallied together to share stories of how others have mentored them and how they could come along our daughter and ourselves to encourage and support when circumstances require ‘extra reinforcement’. They offered to do things for us such as helping to foster a new hobby or providing a change of scenery with a cup of coffee and listening ear. The outpouring of love, care, and compassion will sustain us even when there are bumpy nights – they do still exist! 

Our coach continues to meet with us virtually on a weekly basis to help us apply the learnings from our three day intensive home visit and to support us as we continue to create family stability, strength, and growth. Progress over perfection.  

Linda Seifferth

CRA Parent Alumni, 2021