Courtnie has a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration and Human Service Management. This year she’ll complete her Masters of Business Administration in Human Resource Management. Courtnie’s professional background includes ten years in various roles in a manufacturing facility, and ten years in non-profit leadership and administration. Courtnie is married to Joshua and they have four kids: Gabe, Allison, Austin, and Charlie. She has a dog named Hank and a cat named “Orange Kitty” aka Floyd. Courtnie is a lifelong learner, loves to read, swim, and spend time with her family and friends. Courtnie says, “I have never had a doubt that this is where God called me.”


As a first generation university student, Joe studied communication and minored in cross cultural communication. After graduating, he moved to New Zealand as a missionary where he worked for a city council and a province ministry, focused on helping youth. In his free time, he enjoys the outdoors. Joe has led several kayaking, rafting, and hiking trips across the country and abroad, sharing his passion for nature with others.  Simple pleasures include grilling, trying new restaurants and unique foods, and playing board games. The work Joe does at Josiah White’s and Compass Rose Academy brings fulfillment to his life, and allows him to contribute to something bigger than himself.


Shanea has a Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University. Shanea started working at Josiah White’s and Compass Rose Academy in 2014. During her time here  she has worked in the Development office and later transitioned to Human Resources at the end of 2016. Shanea is married to John and has three children: Kaylene, Kingslee, and Killian.  She loves to read, garden, and watch movies and sports. Shanea says, “I feel called to work here because I grew up in a home very similar to our clients. I feel called to support those who support our students so they can have a better future.”