Keeping your teenage daughter safe during the summer is your No. 1 priority. With the added freedom that summertime brings, it’s not surprising that this time of the year can add extra stress to parents. But, it doesn’t need to be stressful. With a few tips to ensure your teen’s safety, you’ll be able to prevent your teen from acting out and enjoy the warm months carefree.

  1. Devise a safe summer plan for your teen. The easiest way to ensure teens’ safety is by keeping them busy with a summer job. You will know where they are, and they will make a little spending money. It also is an efficient way to teach them financial responsibility and accountability.
  2. Discuss car safety. If your teen is of legal age to operate a vehicle, discuss safe driving habits such as always wearing a seatbelt, no phone usage and no eating. New drivers also are not allowed to have passengers in the car for a certain period after they obtain their license.
  3. Discuss the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Let your teen know how powerful peer pressure can be and that it’s OK to say no. Just because everyone else is doing it doesn’t make it cool or smart. Explain the risks of substance abuse and the long-term troubles it can create.
  4. Be clear with your teen about your expectations for keeping in contact. Let them know you expect their phone to be charged at all times and that they should inform you if their location changes. It’s important to know where they are throughout the summer.
  5. Get to know their friends. Have faith in your judgment and ability to spot any warning signs that these friends might not be the best influences.
  6. Talk with them about sex. This may not be a conversation you want to have, but it is incredibly important. The summer months are when teens are most likely to become sexually active and engage in activities like sexting. Be intentional about inviting questions and conversations, while also directly expressing your values and expectations about sex. It will benefit both you and your teen in the long run.

Summer should be a time to relax for both you and your teen. Avoid stress by keeping open communications. Following these simple steps should lead to a happy and healthy summer for all of you!