John Townsend, Ph.D.

When parents are exploring paths to find the right help for their teen, they have to sift through enormous amounts of information:

• Which program is the right fit for my child?
• Is it effective?
• Does it have a good reputation?
• Will it treat my teen right?

One of the best ways to check out a program is to gauge who is endorsing it and what they are actually saying about it. So here are the reasons I promote Compass Rose Academy everywhere I speak, with my friends and colleagues and on my social media channels. These are elements of a good program that you should explore in your search.

It is research based. The Compass Rose program is constantly studying the latest research on adolescents, behaviors, emotions, neurology and treatment. The research underlies how the program is structured. Since all truth is God’s truth, any principle from sound research that makes sense will also pass muster with scriptural truth as well. The two work well together for the benefit of your teen.

It is Biblically based. Whatever comes from the Bible is true, and it is a guide for our lives. God’s Word can be trusted: “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path” (Psalm 119:105). Compass Rose is founded and guided by Biblical principles of healing, trust in God and growth. God is the originator of the healing process, and He is the one whose path will ultimately heal your teen.

It works. Simply said, Compass Rose produces a great outcome! The program brings effective results: teens who are stable, healthy and positive, with good self-control and values. Kids come out stronger, better and more confident. They are, simply put, different people, and more like they should have been all along. They are back on track.

It works for life. Not only that, but Compass Rose treats adolescents for the long run. It is much better to help a teen prepare for a lifetime of success and great relationships than to simply give her a brief break from her difficulties. The program always keeps lifetime skills and healthy habits as the goal in mind. We want to see her have great relationships, a fulfilling career and mature self-control and perhaps one day have her own family and kids as well.

It addresses all parts of the problem. Whether a teen’s struggle is conduct, school, emotional problems or substance abuse, her issues must be tended to from all levels for a thorough recovery and restart. That includes symptom relief, training to think in more healthy ways, relational healing, physical fitness and socioeducational instruction. Compass Rose does all these and more. They are comprehensive and treat the whole child.

I am involved personally. I have partnered with the Compass Rose team to create the model that they have used from the day they first opened their doors. We created the clinical program from a “blue sky” level and built it from theory to technique. It has been thoroughly thought through with your teen in mind. That partnership has given me great confidence that Compass Rose is sound, with the right people and the right program.

I have referred friends to Compass Rose and have been very happy with the results. At some point, there is no better way to endorse a program. Best to you.