As we continue to monitor the situation related to COVID-19, we want to keep you updated on how it impacts our operations and schedule here at Compass Rose. Obviously, this is a fluid situation, so we will do our best to keep projecting to the best of our ability, understanding that circumstances and restrictions are evolving rapidly.

Some basic changes that are in place until further notice include:

  • On-campus visitation is suspended and no outside guests are allowed on campus.
  • Saturday morning Parent Group sessions will be virtual only, with no on-campus meetings.
  • Students will not be attending off-campus outings including leisure trips, church services, or other community “outings.”
  • Off-campus visitation and home passes are permitted. If parents are picking up students for off-campus or home passes, they will not be allowed to enter any campus building. Therefore, the student will be escorted to the family vehicle in front of the main Hodson Campus Center after the parent has completed a screening questionnaire.
  • Due to restrictions from our licensing agency that are in place for at least the next 8 weeks, our Spring Parent Weekend will be canceled or postponed. Stay tuned for more information in regard to visitation during that weekend and any virtual informational or teaching sessions that may be scheduled.
  • Our students currently continue to remain in classes. There is no indication that there should be any disruption, particularly to the online classes students are enrolled in even if we cannot use the school building for any reason in the future.

Our individual, group, and family therapy services will continue to remain in place without interruption and at this time our full staff is in place.

We are reminded to keep our eyes on the Lord during this challenging time, knowing that He can work all things for his redemptive purposes. We remain in prayer for our communities, all CRA families, our nation, and the world as a whole as we face this situation together.

We are grateful for our CRA families and your support and understanding. Please remain attentive to our e-mails and website as we post updates.

Thank you and God bless you!

Mike Haarer

Executive Director