The importance of a mom or female figure in a teen girl’s life

For a teen girl, the mother or female figure in their life is usually the biggest influence, helping to shape them into who they are today and who they’ll be in the future. From an early age, mothers usually set the foundation for the relationship: giving love, showing support, teaching lessons and setting boundaries. These fundamentals come in handy during the teenage years when girls are struggling with their self-identity and looking for guidance, support and reassurance.

Mothers are there to pick their daughters up when they stumble and fall, which tends to happen a lot during a girl’s teen years. With busy school schedules, extracurricular activities, friends, relationships and major decisions about the future all looming, it’s important to have someone there to listen, to give advice and to uplift. As a teen grows and becomes more independent, it’s essential to have a healthy relationship and share a bond that will help her to trust her mother. This will allow her to open up and share any fears or concerns she has, as well as any dangerous or uncomfortable situations she finds herself in.

The mother-daughter relationship is one that you hear about a lot and one that is also seriously tested during the teen years. As teenage girls try to break free of the closeness they share with their mother, it places a strain on their relationship. Although the bond can waver during these years, this is also the most important time in a young woman’s development, where she needs her mother more than anything.

Mothers are there to watch their children grow, learn who they want to be, diminish their insecurities and celebrate the unique individuals they are each and every day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the wonderful moms out there, women who mentor youth and all of you who enrich the lives of children – you are one of a kind!