team13Jennifer Pease works as a house parent at Compass Rose. She facilitates morning routines, coordinates daily recreation and weekend activities, cooks meals in the cottage and works with the girls on a daily basis, helping them process and deal with daily situations.

When Jennifer came to Compass Rose almost three years ago, she was looking for a meaningful job where she could work with teenage girls and help make a difference in their lives. When Jennifer was a teen, she often felt alone and unworthy of love because of the mistakes she had made. By working at Compass Rose, she’s able to use her story to help others and turn her struggles into something positive. She’s also able to give love to the struggling girls who feel that they too don’t deserve it.

While working with teenage girls has its challenges, Jennifer believes the rewards are much greater. She feels honored to work with such creative, fun and strong-willed girls who just need some help in redirecting their paths. Jennifer’s favorite part about working as a house parent at Compass Rose is seeing the girls wade through the hard times and discover how strong they are and how much worth they have.

A defining moment for Jennifer during her time at Compass Rose occurred during the very first graduation. One of the parents of a graduating student stood up, visibly emotional with both relief and happiness in her eyes, and said “we have our daughter back.” That moment has always stuck with Jennifer. That moment is what keeps her going when times get rough. Compass Rose not only changes the lives of struggling girls but also the families’ lives as well.

“I often think that my job as a houseparent has taught me so much more than I can give to the program. It has been a privilege to work with every girl that has come through Compass Rose and I look forward to serving many more. I am forever grateful for the opportunity I have been given to work with the great people here and all the girls too,” said Jennifer.