Brittany Hobson is a very familiar face around the Compass Rose Academy campus. She grew up as a staff kid and has stayed connected to the program ever since, so it was no surprise when she joined the team as a House Parent almost 8 months ago. Her sole goal in life is to empower young women to know their worth, moving them forward to achieve their life goals. “I loved the idea of living with teen girls struggling with issues that are near and dear to my heart and supporting them through it,” Brittany said.

Brittany’s main role as a House Parent is to offer love and support to the girls when they endure tough counseling sessions, family therapy, or group therapy. She also plans activities with the girls both in the cottage and off campus in order to give them experiences they might not have had before. House Parents also do a lot of the little things that include getting the girls to appointments, school, volunteer activities, and also help them work on life skills such as chores and cooking dinner. Her goal is to make the girls time in the cottage about bonding with everyone and building relationships in a fun and free-spirited way. Brittany thinks it’s important to hold to the structure Compass Rose Academy has set in place in order to help the girls internalize and excel in life after their time here. Grace and truth over time is the mantra.

Brittany enjoys the communal living atmosphere and the power it holds to build deep, lasting, and healing relationships. “I enjoy so much getting to be crazy and fun with the girls and seeing them become freer in the ways they express themselves,” she said. It’s not always easy, but Brittany really loves the girls and the experiences she is exposed to at Compass Rose. Those experiences bring joy and deep impact to her life. “Our director, administrative staff and therapists are incredibly supportive and hard working,” Brittany said. “Not to mention, they are truly amazing and sacrificial people.”

When Brittany is not showing off her “pro” dance moves you can find her on her fourth cup of coffee, a late night Taco Bell run, or quizzing students and faculty on famous movie one-liners.