brittanycampBrittany’s favorite part about Compass Rose is the sense of community she has built with her team. “This isn’t a job where you just come in and feel like nobody cares about you,” Brittany said. “We have a really close team that is really supportive. They care about our goal and our members.” This mentality is what makes Brittany a beacon of light at Compass Rose as she brightens the lives of everyone she meets.

Brittany Camp has worked as a house parent at Compass Rose Academy for three years. She is responsible for making sure the girls are following a routine and providing necessary structure to their day. These responsibilities include taking them to school, appointments, jobs and extracurricular activities. Brittany’s dedication to enriching the lives of each student she serves is what makes her thrive at Compass Rose. Her passion for providing struggling girls with guidance and helping to place them back on the right path shines through her day-to-day work.

After graduating from Cincinnati Christian University with a double major in psychology and biblical studies, she started working at Compass Rose and continued her journey helping teenage girls in need. She has experience in mentoring young women and girls through various ministries and organizations including Women’s Connections and Girls’ Club. She knew from an early age that she had a passion for helping people and saw Compass Rose as her chance to make a difference.

The defining moment for Brittany during her time at Compass Rose was when she took one of the students on her first college visit. The student was so excited and thankful because she never thought that college would ever be possible. “I remember her looking me in the eye and thanking me and saying, ‘if it wasn’t for you guys I know I wouldn’t be looking into college. I probably would not even be alive at the rate I was going,’” Brittany recalls. This humbling experience made her proud of the student for how hard she had worked to make a new path for herself.

In her down time, Brittany enjoys reading, baking and traveling.