Our friend and endorser, Dr. John Townsend, appeared on Fox News on Monday morning, January 4th, to discuss the article he wrote on the Ethan Couch affluenza case which was published on the Fox News website, as well as to discuss his new book, “The Entitlement Cure.” The article focused on seven parenting tips that will help protect your child from contracting the disease of entitlement. Townsend recalls that the attitudes and behaviors that are ascribed to Ethan in the media loosely fit patterns of a condition called entitlement, which is an aspect of a narcissistic personality disorder.

In Dr. Townsend’s new book, he defines entitlement as two attitudes: (1) denying responsibility for one’s choice, and (2) demanding special treatment. The combination is destructive. The first one almost guarantees life and career failures, and the second one, relational shipwrecks.

To read Dr. Townsend’s full article, CLICK HERE.

To see Dr. Townsend’s interview on Fox News, CLICK HERE.