Family involvement is one of the most crucial elements of success at Compass Rose Academy. One of the main roles that Compass Rose Academy plays is bridging the gap of communication between the parent and child. From individual family therapy to the parent weekends and family sessions, our staff and counselors stay in constant communication with the family throughout the entire treatment process.

Compass Rose Academy hosted another fun and inspiring family weekend Jan. 23 – 26, focusing on the idea of making relationships work.

Family weekend

Parents and students participated is games and activities that served as stepping stones for building a healthy relationship. Every activity we do during family weekends has a therapeutic element to it in order to help strengthen relationships and provide growth. Plus, therapy can be fun!

Believe it or not, we played a fun game that involved piggy banks-for every one negative interaction, every relationships must have five positive experiences in the bank. Think about a close relationship that you have-what is the ratio of positives to negatives?

Piggy Bank Exercisepiggy bank exercises

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