White’s Residential & Family Services, Indiana’s largest nonprofit social services agency with more than 160 years of experience serving troubled youth, is proud to announce the formation of the Compass Rose Academy.

Located on 800 acres of beautifully landscaped countryside in Wabash, Ind., the Compass Rose Academy includes both prevention services designed to help families remain intact at the home level and a residential treatment center ideally suited for teenagers suffering from problems with school, home or family.

The Compass Rose Academy understands the importance of a healthy family. We provide services that help equip youth and families with the resources and experiences they need to build emotional strength and improve family functioning. Through safe, structured and unified programs rooted in God’s grace, families are challenged to work together to pursue more fulfilling, compassionate and respectful lifestyles.

We are now accepting applications for our first residential treatment center class. The nine- to 12-month program is ideally suited for teenagers struggling with problems such as abuse recovery, depression, identity or body image issues, drug abuse, conflicts with peers or authority, social isolation or rejection and mild self-harm. We invite you to learn more about our services by visiting www.compassroseacademy.org/residential-treatment-center.