Today, Compass Rose Academy was showcased on LA Talk Radio’s popular show, “Answers 4 the Family.” Compass Rose director Mike Haarer and Dr. John Townsend, a nationally known organizational consultant, psychologist and author of 26 books on relationships, growth and parenting, were featured on “Answers 4 the Family” to discuss Compass Rose’s program and growth model.

A national thought leader in counseling and therapeutic care best practices, Townsend answered questions from hosts and callers and joined Haarer in a lively discussion about Compass Rose Academy’s clinical growth model. While symptom reduction is often temporary, this in-depth work builds healthy character needed to meet life’s challenges during the teen years and into adulthood.

“I love sharing about the tremendous growth taking place in the lives of the young people and families in our program. It is truly exciting, rewarding work, and collaborating with Dr. Townsend has been phenomenal. What a privilege to be able to tell our story on “Answers 4 the Family” and enjoy such a rich discussion today,” said Haarer.

Located in Wabash, Ind., Compass Rose Academy is a Christ-centered organization committed to enriching the lives of girls through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth. Our residential treatment center for troubled teens operates a nine- to 12-month program for 14- to 17-year-old junior high and high school students.

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