It wasn’t until her senior year at Indiana Wesleyan that Kinsey found her home in Wabash. She learned about Compass Rose during her senior seminar class at IWU. She was nervous about the idea of working residential treatment but changed her mind after a campus tour. “I was totally convicted by the Holy Spirit,” she said.

Kinsey fell in love with being a part of Compass Rose the second she arrived on campus. “I never imagined myself working in the residential setting, but I was totally overcome with conviction when I stepped on campus. This is not just a treatment program. It is a family. Very real and powerful life-changing growth happens here.”

Due to her love of our family environment, it was no surprise that one of her favorite things about working at Compass Rose is parent weekends. “It’s an incredible time of connection, vulnerability and healing,” Kinsey said. “I feel closer with our students and their families during our quarterly ‘reunions.’”

One of Kinsey’s best qualities is her love for the girls. She is always connecting with them and making them feel loved. For example, she recently told us about a particular encounter with a student that made an impression on her. “A few months ago, I was having a conversation with a student and she was talking about one of her favorite foods. I said, ‘I love cheesecake too! Let’s go out for cheesecake when you graduate!’ She looked at me so sincerely and said, ‘You said WHEN I graduate. You have a lot of faith in me!’”

That last statement had a powerful impact on Kinsey. “It seemed to be the first moment she realized that she could do this and that she had people believing in her and coming alongside her in this journey,” Kinsey explained. “Since then she has blossomed and taken real steps toward graduation and her treatment. These girls just want to know that their past does not have to define them and that we believe in the hope of a new future for them!”

As a lead house parent at Compass Rose, Kinsey’s responsibility is to provide a safe and secure environment for the girls as they grow during their time here. She takes pride in forming connections with the girls that result in long-lasting change at the character level. As part of the treatment team, Kinsey is also responsible for providing insight into the progress of students and advocating for their needs to be met.

When she is not supervising and delegating daily activities in the cottage, you will most likely find Kinsey taking a long afternoon nap or enjoying an exciting day on the lake with her family!