Compass Rose Academy is thrilled to announce that we recently became an accredited Teaching Family Association agency. 

Teaching Family Association is the accrediting agency of Teaching Family Model (TFM), a relational, evidenced-based, trauma-informed model of care focused on increasing life skill development in children and teens. Adopting this model ensures that we are able to provide the most effective training for our ministry staff and the best possible outcomes for the teens and families we serve. 

“One of our core definitions of how we will succeed as an organization is to provide a superior model of care,” said Ron Evans, President and CEO. “This accreditation emphasizes our commitment to have the best people using the best practices for the best result.”  

The accreditation process has taken almost two and a half years. CRA is grateful to Methodist Home for Children (MHC) in North Carolina, who mentored us through the process of training and implementing the model, including monthly visits to our campus.

When using the TFM, caregivers engage in daily teaching interactions to help teens learn social and relationship skills. Residential staff, now called Family Teachers, develop these skills using a motivation system that is positive and strengths-based, while still holding youth accountable for their choices. The skills youth learn through the model will then translate to better parent-child interaction, improved school behavior following placement, and increased work readiness.

“Being accredited by TFA assures students, parents, referral sources, and other constituents that they can trust that our services for students and families are at the highest standard,” said Mike Haarer, Vice President and Executive Director of Compass Rose Academy. “Those who refer teens to Compass Rose can be assured that teens in our care will be in a trauma-informed environment that consistently provides emotional and physical safety, nurture, and structure.” 

Official recognition of our accreditation will be taking place at the TFA Conference at the end of the month. 

Compass Rose is honored to be an accredited TFA agency and is excited for what this accreditation will mean for our future as an organization.