As the start of the new school year looms on the horizon, many families of troubled teens are considering a change. The time is right: The start of the academic year provides a natural transition into a new therapeutic learning environment.

Compass Rose Academy provides the fresh start families sometimes need to redirect, rebuild and restore their relationship with their teen.

Tucked away in the small town of Wabash, Ind., and surrounded by beautiful Hoosier farmland, Compass Rose Academy is a Christ-centered organization committed to enriching the lives of girls through emotional healing, personal development and spiritual growth. Our residential treatment center for troubled teens operates a nine- to 12-month program for 14- to 17-year-old junior high and high school students.

Nestled on 800 acres, Compass Rose Academy’s well-kept grounds are surrounded by ponds, woods and farmland and include many amenities, including a swimming pool with aquatic activities, a softball field, an indoor activity center and gym, a fitness center and a weight room.

Many facilities want to help with clinical issues, but Compass Rose goes beyond that to look at a teen’s character development, her world view and her values. And instead of just treating a young person’s symptoms, our residential treatment facility and prevention programs work with families and teens to foster empowerment and self-worth.

Compass Rose Academy provides a positive, nurturing environment for teen girls struggling with:

o Oppositional defiant disorder
o Major depressive disorder
o Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
o Anxiety disorder
o Bipolar disorder
o Post-traumatic stress disorder
o Substance abuse

Compass Rose Academy approaches therapy from a biblical perspective that incorporates both individual and group counseling with licensed mental health counselors.

Therapeutic services include:

o Developmental character growth model
o Weekly individual counseling
o Group counseling sessions
o Emotion regulation
o Experiential activities
o Full-time pastoral staff
o Equine-assisted growth and learning group
o Trauma-informed care
o Character structure work

For more information about Compass Rose Academy, or to schedule an open house tour, please contact Admissions Director Denae Green at[email protected].