Although each student’s journey through the Compass Rose Academy will differ, all students will share many of the same experiences and day-to-day routines. To give parents a better idea of what their child can expect while enrolled in our program, we have created this guide to describe a typical child’s experience at Compass Rose.


Once a teen is admitted into the program, she is first taken on a brief tour of the campus and introduced to our staff. From counselors to direct care staff, our team members play an active role in each student’s life during her stay at Compass Rose.

Upon arrival, students also meet with a counselor in order for us to gain a better understanding of the student’s individual needs. Based on this initial meeting, we then develop a treatment plan that outlines goals and interventions, in addition to a release timeframe and aftercare plan.

Day-to-Day Life

Students follow a stringent routine while enrolled in our program. Students wake up early every morning for breakfast and sit in on daily devotions. While they are not required to participate in this spiritual activity, most students do find the activities interesting and encouraging. Following devotions, students complete household chores before going to morning classes. At lunch, students share in group counseling sessions and then return to school for afternoon classes. Students attend classes Monday through Thursday from approximately 8:30 to 11 a.m. and again from 12:30 to 3 p.m. School is held year-round.

After school, students join in physical recreational activities such as swimming, basketball, soccer and softball. Students then head back to their cottage for dinner and additional household chores. Before bed, students have time to study, relax and prepare for the next day. House parents hold a daily debrief with the students each night from 9 to 9:30 p.m., and lights are out by 10.

Other Components

In addition to physical activities, students also participate in regular experiential activities to learn what it’s like to function as a team and work side-by-side with peers and staff. These activities include service projects, campus beautification efforts, ropes courses and other opportunities aimed at teaching basic life lessons.

Students also meet individually with their counselors each week and attend church services on Sunday. Throughout their stay at Compass Rose, students take part in a lot of different therapeutic activities, including sessions with family members, which are held during family weekends four times each year. Families can participate more frequently by phone, video conference or by traveling if possible.

The Compass Rose Academy is committed to incorporating both a faith-based approach to therapy along with a high level of clinical expertise. In this approach, students are able to leave our program with a renewed outlook and a new, more purposeful direction.


At the end of a typical nine- to 12-month stay, students leave the program with an individualized after care plan. Students are contacted by staff 48 hours after release and again on a weekly and eventually monthly basis. Compass Rose counselors also link students with local resources and are available via phone to offer ongoing guidance and support.

For additional information or to speak with a licensed mental health counselor about your family’s situation, please contact us.