Tatiana, our daughter, was adopted at age six and is now 19. She transitioned into our family beautifully and loved school, despite a mild learning disability. All seemed well until about age 16 when she changed. She became sneaky, lying constantly, stealing, cutting classes, and sneaking out in the middle of the night. The impulsive, thrill-seeking behaviors escalated quickly. After substance abuse was ruled out, we sought a specific type of rehabilitation to meet our needs.

Compass Rose met almost all of our criteria, including continuing her education and, as a bonus, they helped with our parental needs. She has been home for a year now. She works full-time, has plans to take some college classes this fall, and has a steady boyfriend. We can actually talk again! We can trust her! She makes decisions now without being impulsive and considers the consequences of her actions.

Her self-esteem has greatly improved and we credit that to Compass Rose, as well as helping our family function together again in a more peaceful harmony. We continue to strive to keep our communication healthy, as taught to us by the experienced Compass Rose therapists. We remain extremely grateful. It’s not perfect but it’s working.

Mark, Barb, and Tatiana – Pennsylvania