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Compass Rose Academy

Since 1850, White’s Residential & Family Services has been battling mental illness and other issues plaguing families. White’s anticipates the needs of children, teens, and families often before they realize they need help. One such need, identified in 2012, was a place of respite and treatment where troubled teenage girls could heal. Compass Rose Academy was born.

Times are changing. Our nation’s suicide rate among our youth continues to rise, and mental illness continues to go undiagnosed and untreated. We know families are looking for a program like Compass Rose, one that equally prioritizes expert clinical care and Christian teachings.

Parents should not have to compromise when it comes to their daughters. We believe every girl who needs healing should feel supported on her journey. More girls need our help. Join us. Together, we will change lives for generations to come.

Together, we will create a new place of healing and growth and many more success stories.

To serve more students and families, Compass Rose needs to create an environment better suited for healing and personal, spiritual, and academic growth.


A new and entirely autonomous campus on the south end of land owned by White’s, with its own entrance and signage


New “home-like,” comfortable cottages to increase residential capacity from 22 to 40 students


A new Multi-Purpose Building with academic classrooms, a nurse’s clinic, and administrative staff offices


You can be a part of the hope and transformation offered at Compass Rose. Together, we can make sure more students receive the spiritual guidance, counseling, education, and hands-on instruction they need to succeed in life. We have a limited window of time to change the trajectory of a child’s life. That time is now. Let’s change lives together.

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Stories of Lives Changed


During my time at Compass Rose, I received tremendous support from the staff and overall community. I felt valued as an individual and was not judged by my past, which was very important to me. My entire experience at Compass Rose has impacted me positively and contributed to the person I am today. Honestly, I did not realize how much I have learned and changed from this program until I had left. This experience has had a profound impact on both my personal and professional life. The houseparents have one of the most difficult and important positions at Compass Rose Academy, and they played a significant role in my treatment. I was able to connect with them and trust them while creating lasting memories along the way…

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Tatiana, our daughter, was adopted at age 6 and is now 19. She transitioned into our family beautifully and loved school, despite a mild learning disability. All seemed well until about age 16, when she changed. She became sneaky, lying constantly, stealing, cutting classes, and sneaking out in the middle of the night.

The impulsive, thrill-seeking behaviors escalated quickly. After substance abuse was ruled out, we sought a specific type of rehabilitation to meet our needs. Compass Rose met almost all of our criteria, including continuing her education. As a bonus, they helped with our parental needs. She has been home for a year now. She works full time…

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