January 19

Competence: Developing Into An Adult

By Dr. John Townsend, Ph.D. One of the realities that every parent of a teen must face is that ready or not, the job is almost over. That is, you are in the “deparenting” years, and you have only a short time to do all you can to help your adolescent be equipped and prepared …More >

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January 12

Teaching Your Teen Good Money Habits

Managing money can be challenging long before responsibilities like car and rent payments enter the picture. Teens are faced with lots of wants and tight budget constraints, especially during the holiday season. The fourth phase of our Growth Model, based on Dr. John Townsend’s work, is competence. Competence is the ability to be productive in …More >

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December 28

Holiday Risks With Teens

The Christmas and New Year’s holiday season is supposed to be a time of great connection, celebration and fun with your family, including your teens.  Unfortunately, adolescents are vulnerable to struggles during this period as well. A parent who is on top of things will make sure to look for, and take action on, these …More >

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