December 10

Talking to your Daughter

Do you feel like your relationship with your daughter is strained? Do you feel disconnected from what is going on in her life? You aren’t alone. Many parents tend to feel this way when their child becomes a teenager, but taking an interest in her life will help to foster connectedness even during a difficult …More >

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November 27

How to Support Your Spouse While Dealing With Your Struggling Teen

By John Townsend, Ph.D. Few conflicts are more difficult and stressful than having an adolescent in your home who is struggling. It’s hard on the teen, hard on the parents and hard on the siblings. Some parents, however, are more vulnerable to the stress than others. They can feel overwhelmed and be easily triggered and …More >

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October 29

Setting Helpful Boundaries When You Have a Struggling Teen

By John Townsend, Ph.D. As your teen enters the developmental season that will prepare her for independency and autonomy, things can get rocky at home. She may be showing a negative attitude, defiance or acting-out behaviors, or she may be spending time with the wrong kids, shirking her school responsibilities or using substances. While most parents …More >

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