May 19

Helping Your Teen Gain Healthy Personal Power

By  John Townsend, Ph.D. One of the most important goals of any parent is to launch their adolescent into the adult world with a healthy sense of power. I define “power” as the capacity to change one’s environment.  Here are examples of helpful power: Setting healthy goals and following up on them to completion. Choosing …More >

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May 05

Forgiving Your Teen

As you well know, the teenage years can be difficult ones. Just when you think you have seen and experienced it all, your teen does something unimaginable. You expected these years to be hard, but never like this. It’s completely normal for teens to make mistakes (maybe many) on their journey to adulthood. However, the …More >

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January 19

Competence: Developing Into An Adult

By Dr. John Townsend, Ph.D. One of the realities that every parent of a teen must face is that ready or not, the job is almost over. That is, you are in the “deparenting” years, and you have only a short time to do all you can to help your adolescent be equipped and prepared …More >

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