January 11

Doing battle with violence

Violence is all around us. Know what your child is watching on the internet and TV, and monitor the video games that come into your house. Be aware not only of the quantity of violence your child might be consuming, but also the quality. Are they playing violent video games continuously? Does the program show …More >

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December 28

Churches Provide Healing

Teens who are struggling may find little reason to attend church. When their world is crumbling, it’s hard for them to see its role in their life. But in truth, it can save them. Church can be a vital part of self-growth for everyone who attends. For teens in crisis, church is especially powerful, providing …More >

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December 20

Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress

By John Townsend, Ph.D. Most of us feel two distinct emotions around the holidays: anticipation and anxiety. The anticipation is about looking forward to the people and activities that mean something to us. Unfortunately, so is the anxiety, which concerns the more difficult family members we’ll come into contact with and the stresses that come …More >

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